Month: January 2021

Aristotle’s legacy

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C) was one of the brightest minds of all time. His work has influenced dramatically our world in various aspects.

 Aristotle was born in Stagira in 384 B.C, a small village located in Macedonia, northern Greece. He came from a wealthy family and his ancestors had come a long way in Medicine. His father serviced as the personal doctor of the Macedonian king Amyntas and Aristotle had received rich and profound education until he became 17 years old. Some of the basic elements of his education that influenced his spirit, included principles of civil liberties such as individual freedom, egalitarianism (the fact that everyone is equal against the laws) and citizen’s participation in the public affairs. Every free man should be engaged in politics or public affairs related to his community.

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Saint Basil the Great, the lion of Christ

Saint Basil the Great was one of the cornestones upon which the Orthodox Christian faith was based on and he belongs to the Great Fathers of the Orthodox Church. He was born in 330 A.D in Neocaesarea of Pontos located in Greek Asia Minor (now modern Turkey). He came from a wealthy and christian family with many children. Saint Basil had 8 siblings, 4 of which became Saints of our Church (Saint Gregory of Nissa, St. Naucratius the wondermaker, Saint Makrina and Saint Peter, bishop of Sevasteia). His educational background was rich and pluralistic. He studied in Caesarea , Constantinople and Athens . It was particularly in Athens where he broadened his knowledge in geometry, astronomy, philosophy, medicine, rhetoric and grammar. Among his classmates there were Saint Gregory the theologian and Julian, later known as the “apostate” Read more