Mila Xana means to speak again the language of your roots. Learn about the Greek culture ranging from ancient Greece and byzantine era to the Greek revolution and contemporary Greece.

“Rediscover the Greek customs and traditions through experiential learning”.

  Learning a language means getting to know a different way of thinking. The language that we speak constitutes the canal through which our thoughts are shaped. Words carry emotions, history and thoughts. We are trying to convey the deeper meaning of the Greek language through texts, words’ etymology and historical insights.

”At Mila Xana we learn how to think in Greek by analyzing the etymology of the words. This is the part where the beauty of the Greek language resides”.

We teach all ages regardless their level in Greek.

  Our main purpose is to revive the Greek language among the expatriates of 2nd and 3rd generation and to instill the love for learning Greek to people who would like to dive into the Greek culture.

  We teach online and we offer you the chance to attend our classes from the comfort of your place. We use all the necessary teaching tools that an online course could provide. Texts, audiovisual material, listening practice and a lot of conversation in Greek. Mila Xana gives emphasis on speaking practice from the very first lessons.

Don’t forget to visit our blog at which you can find interesting texts about the Greek language and the Greek history . This matterial could be a useful source for discussion in our course.

Keep in mind that after every lesson the student receives by email all the necessary material to study in a pdf format. Our caring doesn’t stop after the lesson. Your progress does matter to us.