Mila Xana was created by people who love the Greek language and culture. Our team strongly believes that according the science of linguistics, the language we speak, defines the way of our thinking. Additionally, we consider modern Greek as a descendant of the ancient Greek language carrying all the changes that have been made from antiquity and the byzantine era until present time. A language is a living organism that is constantly evolving and improving as time goes by.

  Apart from reviving the Greek languange among the expatriates of 2nd and 3rd generation, we would like to diffuse the beauty of this language all over the world, especially to people who are eager to plunge into the Greek civilization.

  Our teaching method is characterised by cultural values and historical insights of the Greek civilization. We consider these elements to be inseparable when it comes to comprehending a language. That is why we decided to create Mila Xana. In this way our students will become familiar with the Greek language through an entertaining and educational process.

  Last but not least, we strongly believe that the online education is here to stay and can really offer a valuable educational experience. There are many tools that can be used so as to convey the necessary knowledge and achieve the desired educational goals. We take advantage of technology which can only be a valuable assistant in terms of teaching.

We really love our job and we are strongly commited to delivering the best possible educational exprerience.

Nikolaos Moridis

Founder & Director